Lovely's Spa Nail Services

YOU will find that I absolutely do NOT rush, paying attention to EVERY detail, YOU are NOT ONLY a client to me...

YOU are indeed MY friend-

...Call me and accept mee as YOUR beauty provider by making an appointment!!!

Absolutely ALL implements (tools) and stations are CLEANED, SANITIZED and DISINFECTED after each use!


Lovely's SPA & Nail SERVICE(S):

Clip or Trim Finger Nails- $10

Clip or Trim Toe Nails- $20

Hand Massage- $20

Foot Massage - $30

Manicure- $40

Pedicure- $60

Lovely's Spa Service (BUY a pedicure get a manicure free)



Flat fee of $100 for Wellness services (Lifestyle Consulting) plus Lovely's Spa Service(s)

with me NOT being topless OR nude .


Me TOPLESS:  $200 PLUS cost of Lovely's Spa Service.

Me NUDE:  $300 PLUS cost of Lovely's Spa Service.

TRAVEL:  I travel from Fort Myers to Naples and Cape Coral and srrounding areas.



Lovely's Spa Manicure &/OR Pedicure  -

soaking in water,  nails trimmed,  nipping of cuticles (dead skin),  shaping of nails, callous remover,

 buff shine for men & woman that do not want polish OR

regular polish for those do not want a buff shine, followed by massage with moisturizer and cooling gel.


FREE  EXTRAS (For Those That Have the "Exra Time")

Lovely's Citrus or Coffee Scrub Pedicure -  

ALL that was mentioned in however extended time spent on YOU,  

and HOMEMADE Sugar Scrub with a  longer massage



Natural Hair ONLY Services &/OR : 


Manscaping & Waxing

Hair Wrapping ie: Man weaving, Locs (starter and maintenance)

Wash & Sets

Relaionship couch and Sexpert coaching while you receive beauty services


Live * Laugh * Lovely

Lovely Does it Better!

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Available by appoinment, calling (phone consultaion), a day or so ahead of desired wellness session.

I promote the wellness aspect of Adult Entertainment with a Holistic approach.