"Lovely's" Nails

Lovely Does it Better...

Here is some of my Most Recent/Current (2018)work...

Sculptured Nails, Freehand Nail Art, French Manicures,

Shellac ( Gel Nail Polish), Manicures and Pedicures.

10 28 2018 nail pic 1

Before, my right hand.

lt hand after 10 28 18 lt hand be4 10 28 18 rt hand after 10 28 18

Below, I did myself! Prep of nails... End result scultured, rebalanced & "gel" polished nails.

My work, on my hand.

Halloween Nails and different shapes

(coffin, almond, lipstick, stiletto and square).

My favorite colors Red, white and black.

After, right hand.

Before,  my left hand.

After, My my left hand.

11 10 18 my left hnd after 11 10 18  lovely red Vinlyx maicure 11 10 18  lovely red Vinlyx maicure 2

Vinylx red manicure on an 87 year young wondefully FUN lady.